Black Ops 2 – Possible Balance Issues?

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If the rumor mill and people currently enjoying Black Ops II in all it’s pre-release glory are any indication of how the game plays, the general consensus is that the SMGs are more powerful than their big brother the Assault Rifles and that the ASRs overall just can’t compete with guns outside of their class.  Bottom line, that doesn’t sound very balanced.  That said, it should be expected that BOII isn’t going to be perfect on release day, no Call of Duty ever has.

What’s different about BOII in comparison to previous COD titles, however, is that everything, from the way the perks work to how the guns fire is tuneable post-release.  BO1 and MW3 had a lot of flexibility put into them for post-release tuning, but Treyarch game design David Vonderhaar has made it a point that, in part, what makes BOII special is that everything is tuneable post-release.  Additionally, we all know that a lot of pressure has been put on Treyarch to make a solid game because of the negative stigma surrounding MW3.  If BOII fails in the way that MW3 did in not capturing peoples’ interest and entertaining them long-term, the COD franchise might be in trouble.  Maybe BOII won’t be the end, but if falls short, it might be the beginning of the end.

If anything’s for certain though it’s that BOII is going to receive an unprecedented amount of attention and support post-release by Treyarch and if there are any issues, assuming they can fix it, they will at the very least try.

What are your thoughts?  Are you worried that BOII might be imbalanced based on what’s been circulating online these past few days?  Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for reading.