Battlefield 3 Sells Over 10 Million Copies

EA has released its financial results for Q3 FY12. The two standout franchises are Battlefield and FIFA.

EA’s CEO, John Riccitiello, stated, “we are pleased to report a strong holiday quarter driven by Battlefield 3, FIFA12 and a strong showing by our digital games and services.” In the 3rd quarter report for the fiscal year, “Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 each sold through more than 10 million units. Madden NFL 12 has sold through almost 5 million units life-to-date.” Just to clarify, 10 million units sell through to customers, not units shipped to retailers, which would be higher than 10 million. Last sale figures were released back in November, and Battlefield 3 had a sell through of 8 million units.

Battlefield 3 deservedly won our first multiplayer experience of the year award, and we look forward to DICE’s future DLC plans. Speaking of DLC plans, EA has stated that they will be making an announcement during next week’s New York event. Read here for more.

  • Anonymous

    Keep hoping. DICE is dropping the ball with BF3.

    • Markel

      All you trolls should simply stfu. If you don’t like it who cares. It’s an amazing game and addition the the bf franchise. Most of you are either other fps fan boys or bf veteran’s who wish bf3 was a better looking version of what ever one you loved the most. Well its not.. its bf3 lol. Get over it. I’m only a bc2 vet. And I miss a lot about that game, but I’m still extremely happy with bf3 and will look forward to what ever dice decides is the games future. See you on the battlefield. -iammarkel, -Moomarkel

  • thats great they deserved the sales…..on the 360 and PC -__-

  • guest

    I’m keeping my eye on Medal of Honor 2.  Never played MoH, but saw some gameplay videos recently and it looked pretty decent.  I hope by the time that game comes out they will have all of the bugs worked out of FB2 and can make it into a real contender against the next toddler’s CoD.  Anybody play the recent MoH?

    • Anonymous

      I enjoyed MOH but it didn’t get very good reception from most. To compare it to BF3, think BF3 visuals, sounds, and mechanics but COD everything else. The maps are small, no destruction, no bullet drop and no vehicles. I imagine with frostbite 2 and the success of BF3 that they will change some of that. I plan on getting it but I think BF will still be my go to for multi player the majority of the time.

      • Not totally true. Metal of Honor’s multiplayer was made by DICE using the Frostbite 1.5 engine, the same engine used for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 but it was toned down extensively as destruction is not what Medal of Honor was aiming for. Medal of Honor uses microdestruction which Battlefield 3 also uses for some of their environmental cover(pillars cement blocks ect) and in building debris. The maps were too small for it anyway. But its a great game and like Chuck said think Battlefield visuals, sound mechanics and CoD gameplay, but unlike CoD the gameplay is a bit more realistic, killstreak rewards make more sense, arent overpowered and you get two choices that can either be beneficial to the team or the individual, tactics can be used more effectively and firefights are decided by internet connection. If you decide to buy it, I recommend playing Combat Missions. Its a lot like Rush in Battlefield except you have to hold and secure an area for a certain amount of time before moving but snipers kind of ruin it as there would be literally half the tean sniping

        tl;dr MoH is a good alternative to Call Of Duty, in many cases I find MoH to be more enjoyable than MW2 Black Ops and even Mw3

  • Elmahdi

    Glad to see they made over 600 million dollars, hopefully this gives them momentum to destroy the POS cod franshise.

  • Pcc123

    I want my money back 🙁

  • Del

    Looking forward to DLC plans??

    How about you, and every other wanna-be journalist who’s been given a website to blog on, look forward to them fixing the damn bugs first?  Idiots like yourself who praise companies for releasing bug-riddled games (who then decide nerfing weapons is more important than fixing the bugs) only encourages games to continually be forced into the market whether they play right or not.

    You should jump off a cliff.

    • Cyborg6971

      Sounds like your vagina is full of your panties.
      I’m looking forward to new maps myself. After they fix the voip.

    • We’ve  covered every glitch, hack, and bug in Battlefield 3 over the last 5 months. We’re doing our part to keep the community informed about what DICE is working on. Read more here:  This post isn’t about the problems in the game; it’s simply about EA’s financial results and the success of Battlefield 3 in terms of sales.

      Besides, we can look forward to both bug fixes and DLC plans.

    • Anonymous

      There are different teams you know, in a company?
      One team for DLC content, one for bug fixing, etc. Nobody is a superhuman and everyone has his specialization, also at DICE.

      I’m looking forward to new DLC! But also to the upcoming big PC patch 😀

    • Ryan

      Del, I understand you are mad, but you are a fucking idiot.  If you have to ask why, you only prove my point more.