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Gamescom 2017 – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Expanded Partnership With Microsoft Detailed News 3

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ Brendan Greene spoke during the Microsoft gamescom 2017 presser, and gave new details on the Xbox One version of PUBG. Greene confirmed that his team has entered into an “expanded partnership” with Microsoft to bring the game to Xbox One under the “Xbox Game Preview.” Chang Han Kim gave more information via a press […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to Drop Weekly and Monthly Patch Schedule News 0

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For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players, expecting regular PUBG updates has become the norm now, what with weekly and monthly title updates that do anything from fixing tweaks, adding new content and so on. Well, that’s coming to halt right about now. In a post on the Steam Community page,  Bluehole wrote a lengthy letter explaining that […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Success Continues, Over 7 Million Copies Sold & 600,000 Concurrent Users Reached News 0

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to be a humongous success, with more and more PC players rushing to buy the game on Steam. Sales have now surpassed the 7 million mark, and the new peak concurrent player count has topped 600,000. These are insane milestones to achieve, especially when you consider that the game is still in […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vault Animation Looks Super Useful in Gameplay Video News 0

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We’re coming that much closer to seeing a vaulting mechanic added to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Those infuriating moments where you try and jump over a wall, only to fail and walk the long way around instead, will soon be a thing of the past. First revealed during the PC Gaming Show at this year’s E3, the ability […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Beats League of Legends for Most Watched Game on Twitch News 3

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Unless you’re some kind of modern age Nostradamus or you have a time machine, there’s absolutely no way anyone could have predicted how big of a success Bluehole’s PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds would be. Just how big is it? It just unseated Riot Games’ League of Legends as the most watch game on Twitch! Bear in mind, […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Erangel Map to Experience a “Sort of Remake” News 1

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Those yearning for PUBG new map information may be happy to hear about the changes planned for the existing play area. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Creative Director, Brendan Greene, described how he wanted to “sort of remake” the original map. Ultimately, he wants to see the island identify as Russian or Crimean.  These changes to “Erangel” (the original map’s […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Statistics Reveal Ridiculous Longest Kill, Most Lethal Weapon & More News 0

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It’s no secret that everyone and their mothers are playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and that amount of players results in a massive amount of kills (and deaths!).  It’s pretty difficult to imagine just how much chaos and destruction has been caused since the game’s early access launch back in March. Thankfully, the folks over at Bluehole were kind […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds First-Person Only Mode Now Available in All Game Modes & Servers, Reconnect Feature Returns News 0

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Grab your squad and get going! Now you can all group up and experience PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ first-person mode in all its glory, and all across servers, too!  Don’t believe me? Well, check out the official tweet below, confirming that first-person only servers are now available in all game modes on NA, EU and Asia servers. Players, […]