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Rainbow Six Siege Theme Park Map Showcased in New Operation Blood Orchid Trailer News 0

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Though we already know which operators the Operation Blood Orchid expansion is adding to Rainbow Six Siege, thanks to the leaks earlier today, details surrounding the new map have been kept fairly secure. We knew it was a theme park, but that’s about it. Happily, Ubisoft has not only given a short description of the map, but also […]

Skull and Bones vs. Assassin’s Creed Developer Showdown Fought in Epic Live Naval Battle News 0

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It’s a battle of Ubisoft developers, as the Skull and Bones team face off against the Assassin’s Creed crew. Their battleground is a wet one, as they wage war at sea in an epic live naval battle.  Choose who you think will win, and then click the video below to watch the mayhem unfold. Assassin’s Creed […]

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid DLC Leak, New Operators & Abilities Revealed News 0

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Three operators will be added to Rainbow Six Siege starting August 29. Up until this point, most of the details surrounding the new characters were a secret, with Ubisoft hoping to reveal everything during the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals.  Unfortunately for Ubisoft, images and details on all three of the upcoming operators have leaked on Reddit. […]

Rabbid Luigi Has Gotten His Own Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gameplay Trailer News 0

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Rabbid Luigi has been revealed for the upcoming pinch-yourself-yes-this-is-real-life tactical game, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.  Luigi’s rabbid counterpart has gotten his own gameplay trailer, showcasing his unique abilities. You can watch the full video below. Rabbid Luigi is the most ingenuous of the Rabbid heroes. Easily scared, he would always avoid conflict given the choice. Despite […]

The Division Update 1.7 Out Now, Check Out the Patch Notes News 0

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Ubisoft is continuing with The Division’s constant updates and free content roll out, and one is available today! The Division update 1.7 is now out and ready for download.  While you can check The Division update 1.7 patch notes below, Ubisoft also released a new trailer where the developers talk about the new additions, rewards […]

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Blood Orchid Launch Date Revealed News 0

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Following the Operation Health initiative, which aimed to fix and balance Rainbow Six Siege for longer term play, Ubisoft now appears ready to release additional DLC content for the game.  Season 3 is going to kick off with “Operation Blood Orchid”, which will bring a new map and three new operators into the fray. Judging from the above […]

The Division Double Rewards Starts Today, Update 1.7 Shoots Out This August 15 News 0

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The Division fans, Ubisoft is rolling out a a new game update this coming week, and along with it, a host of new tweaks and of course, new content! Check out the complete list of The Division update tweaks for patch 1.7: Update 1.7 Release date: Tuesday August 15th Patch notes will be released on […]

Rainbow Six Siege Update Lands Today, Brings Big Changes to How Multiplayer Servers Work News 0

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Rainbow Six Siege has blown up in a big way, now boasting over 20 million registered users, and developer support has never been stronger. The next patch for the game is a significant one, bringing a host of changes to gameplay, game modes, operators, level design, and general user experience. Title update 2.2.2 lays the groundwork […]

For Honor Free Weekend Announced, New Season 3 Content Teased News 0

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Those who haven’t yet picked up For Honor will get the chance to try it out for free this weekend. As for those who have already picked the game up, well you should be excited too, as there’s a massive influx of noobs incoming! Here are the times when the trial will be available to play: PlayStation 4 – 10/08 […]

For Honor PlayStation 4 Pro Gameplay From PlayStation Meeting 2016 News 0

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Alongside Sony, Ubisoft showcased some gameplay footage of For Honor running on the PlayStation 4 in 4K (upscaled) quality. The clip is a little short, but it provides a glimpse of what the PlayStation Pro can offer to players of Ubisoft’s melee action game, For Honor. You can check the gameplay above. For Honor is set […]

For Honor Dominion Gameplay From PAX West 2016 News 3

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Check out some For Honor “Dominion” gameplay from PAX West 2016, captured on the PC. For Honor is a multiplayer melee game from Ubisoft, coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on February 14.

Next Rainbow Six Siege Update Will Introduce The Brazilian CTU, New Improvements Detailed News 9

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Rainbow Six Siege’s next big update will mark the coming of the game’s third season, which also means new content and more game improvements. Operation Skull Rain is “set in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,” says developer Ubisoft, which means fans will likely get their hands on new Operators from the Brazilian Counter-Terrorist Unit. […]

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