An In-Depth Look at GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort

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Rockstar Games have today announced the next big expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort will bring a host of new missions for players to take on, choices to make, a casino to spend their cash in, and membership to take advantage of. Rockstar Games have released a trailer for the new expansion, watch it below and read on for further details about what new content is being added.

GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort goes live on July 23 2019. The expansion brings a new location to Vinewood, The Diamond Casino and Resort, where players can rub shoulders with the rich, and spend as much of their cash as possible.


In order to gain access to The Diamond Casino and Resort, players will need to purchase a membership. The standard membership will allow you to gain entry, and, as Rockstar Games put it, ‘meaningfully raise the standard of living for the one percent.

However, players can also purchase VIP membership for GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort. VIP membership grants players access to the penthouse, an entirely new level above the one percent. This is where the rich of the rich gather to play, and it’s not for the weak willed.

All memberships come with access to the GTA Online Casino and Resort parking garage, a luxury area in which to store your car while spending time at The Diamond Casino and Resort. Players can also take advantage of a 24/7 valet service alongside this parking garage, meaning there’s never a need to duck down into where those outside the one percent might see you.

Lewd behaviour is encouraged at The Diamond Casino and Resort, at least according to Rockstar Games. Ordering champagne, spraying half of it over the clientele, and downing the rest, will only warrant applause from the nearby guards.

An aircraft concierge will take care of all your needs should you want to arrive and leave via the landing pad on top of The Diamond Casino and Resort’s roof.

The cleaners are paid to be discreet, meaning any less than legal activity is okay by the management, as long as the police don’t find out.

Members can order a Diamond Limousine to take them anywhere they want after a heavy night in The Diamond Casino and Resort. Any resident members could even leave and take a Limousine back to their apartment at The Diamond Casino and Resort, where they can have a party at the drop of a hat, all organised by the management.

Residents will also gain access to the VIP Lounge, and incredibly exclusive area. Here the best fo the best mingle and party, and no one else is allowed in to disturb them. In addition, residents can play on the high-limits tables at The Diamond Casino and Resort, which offer far more excitement than those everyone else is allowed to play at.


Players can purchase a penthouse in the new location in GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort. These penthouses can be equipped with anything, from a home cinema and hot tub, to an office space, private arcade games, and personal bar. The master bedroom in all penthouse suites are located on the top floor of The Diamond Casino and Resort, giving players spectacular views. However, there’s also a spare bedroom for that friend who keeps clinging on to your fame, equipped with a personal wardrobe of their own items.

The Casino

In GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort, players are going to care most about one thing, the casino. This is where everyone can go to spend their hard earned cash on the huge range of games available, from table games such as roulette, black jack, and poker, to reflex testing slot machines. Digital horse racing makes players feel like they’re at the races, without the need to mingle with the common folk, and the lucky wheel gives everyone a guaranteed reward once a day.

Casino Store

Finally we come to the casino store, where players can purchase new, exclusive items to show off to everyone else in GTA Online. Clothes, artwork, and golden weapons, all added with GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort, can be purchased with chips won from playing games in the casino.


The story in GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort focuses on the location itself. Players will come to Vinewood to take advantage of the facilities, and end up in the middle of a business deal that is going terribly wrong. Someone wants to purchase The Diamond Casino and Resort, but before they do so, they’re going to try to run it into the ground and buy it for the lowest price possible.

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