7 Epic Battlefield 3 Helicopter Stunts

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Our last Battlefield 3 video feature presented the Top 7 Ways To Take Out a Jet. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most epic take-offs, stunts, and hijackings of another danger in the skies, the helicopter. This is MP1st’s 7 most epic Battlefield 3 helicopter videos.

7. A Flippin’ good time

For providing some good laughs and for properly demonstrating how not to take off in a helicopter, this video earns the number 7 spot.

6. Epic Helicopter Dive!

At the risk of his own life, nearly smashing body amidst the sharp rocks below, this man is determined to capture this downed helicopter, earning a spot at number 6.

5. Little Bird Crane Trick

Thanks to some amazing and skillful piloting maneuvers through some tricky obstacles, this video earns a spot at number 5.

4. Battlefield 3 Meets Indiana jones

A very fitting musical theme added to this heroic display earns this video a spot at number 4.

3. James Bond Style

From Indiana Jones to James Bond, this video was one of the first to set the standard of helicopter hijacking, earning a spot at number 3.

2. Mission Impossible

Continuing with our action movie theme, this engineer does the impossible to save the life of another. His bravery earns a spot at number 2.

1. Insane Mid-Air Helicopter Hijacking

Our last helicopter hijacking set on Davamand Peak. Sharp shooting skills and balls of steel earn this video the number 1 spot.

These are our top 7 picks for the most epic Battlefield 3 helicopter videos. Let us know in the comments below, which one was your favorite?
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