Battlefield 3: Close Quarters – 5 Tips and Tactics To Give You The Edge In Close Quarters Combat

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is now live for all PS3 users as of yesterday while all Battlefield 3 Premium members on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC have already had their hands on it for one or two weeks by now. Regular Xbox 360 and PC users can expect to get their hands on it by the 26th of June.

Now, if your anything like me, you may have had some troubles adjusting to the new style of gameplay introduced with the Close Quarters expansion pack. Of course, there’s always that awkward period of learning new map layouts, but on top of that, the general design of these maps and style of gameplay is not what we’ve come to expect of Battlefield 3 thus far. This isn’t even mentioning the new game modes introduced in Close Quarters, Conquest Domination and Gun Master. So, to make the transition hopefully a little bit smoother, I’ve compiled five personal tips that I think might help those still struggling and those who’ve yet to try out the maps but want a slight edge upon their first attempts.

Pay attention to your surroundings. The enemy could be anywhere at any moment.

1. Weapon Handling

As a general rule, when it comes to weapon handling, consider firing from the hip and walking, not running, more often. Remembering to aim down sight is still an important technique to have in your bag of tricks, but it’s not necessary 100% of the time. Of course, if you’re staring at a guy down at the end of a long hallway, then you should have him in your sights as you fire. However, when traversing corners or areas with less room to maneuver, having that hip fire ready to go can keep your field of vision much clearer and can increase your reaction time. Remember, attaching a laser to your weapon will also increase the accuracy of your hip fire and is highly suggested for sub machine guns or carbines in these particular maps. Walking around those corners or tight areas will also ensure that you’re never caught off guard. More likely than not, you’ll be able to catch an enemy in an awkward situation if he’s running around like a mad man.

Now, I don’t want to tell you what type of weapon to use in these Close Quarters maps since that is a personal decision. But, if you’re having trouble, consider sticking to high rate of fire weapons with a decent magazine size. Basically, you want to keep reloading at a minimum here. To get you going, something like the p90 or MP7 with extended mags can really do wonders.

2. Act Quickly and Decisively

Personally, I find that the pace moves a lot quicker in these Close Quarters maps. It seems that, generally, you have less time to do the sort of things you could normally do in Vanilla or Back to Karkand maps. I’m talking about things like chasing an opponent down to get that sweet kill with your knife or taking the extra time to aim for that perfect headshot. If you see an enemy, I highly advise simply shooting him while you still can. Simply be pro-active when it comes to those few advantageous situations that may be given to you. Basically, always assume that there is an enemy beside or behind you. More often than not, most of my deaths seem to come from the side or behind in these Close Quarters maps. They also always seem to happen when I am chasing down my opponent or when I’m indecisive in a tense situation. Also, consider always staying on the move. There aren’t many safe areas in these maps to bunker down in.

3. Stick to Cover and Edges of the Map

About getting shot from behind or from the side: there isn’t a whole lot you can do in maps designed like this with out any safe zones, but it is possible minimize lines of sight to your position, minimizing the possible angles of attack. When traversing these new maps, try sticking to the edges and take cover when the opportunity arises. Sticking to the edges of the map will at least eliminate a few of the angles you could be attacked from, leaving you with fewer lines of sight to cover. If you must traverse an open area down the middle of a map, make sure to move cover to cover. Remember, however, most cover in these maps can be destroyed easily, thanks to the newly implemented HD Destruction. Consider moving quickly and figuring out what sort of structures can and cannot be destroyed.

4. Conquest Domination Tips

In Conquest Domination, its easy to simply run flag to flag, playing ring around the rosie with the enemy. However, you’ll most likely find that while your running around like a mad man capping flags, the enemy is right there behind you retaking the flag you just took. I find that you can be much more effective in a game of CQD by sticking to no more than two flags. Remember, however, that you cannot influence the enemies spawn position by leaving them only one flag, since you cannot spawn on flags as in the original Conquest mode. This means a flag you own could be attacked at any random moment. That’s why focusing your effort on one or two flags could prove more beneficial to your team if you can manage to hold them. If you’re in communication with a strong team, consider assigning positions to flag locations.

5. Gun Master Tips

When it comes to Gun Master, there’s not much to be said other than learn the weapon rotation, learn how to use each weapon with their respective attachments accordingly and keep those general weapon handling skills in mind as mentioned above. However, I will say that each map does have one or two “hot spots” that can be learned in order to constantly be in the action. This will also allow you to move with a purpose, rather than wondering around aimlessly hoping to find the enemy. There is, however, the issue of that dreadful LVG grenade launcher which does not explode on impact, like the M320 grenade launcher does. How the heck do you go about getting kills with that hideous thing? One could either spam the trigger, hoping to get lucky, or you could learn to outsmart the enemy. While it may be tough with the grenade indicator that appears on anyone’s screen when closing in on one, it is possible to grab the attention of an enemy, run away hoping they will follow and shooting a grenade at the area which you were spotted. If all works out, they will walk right into it. When it comes to getting that knife kill, same as above: stick to cover, stick to the edges of the map and flank.

Stick to cover, but be careful with what you choose to hide behind. Almost anything can be destroyed in Close Quarters.


Other than these tips above, success will also come in simple repetition. The layouts and hot spots of these maps must be learned in order to be truly effective. Hopefully, with these tips above, learning the maps will be your only concern.

Now, let’s hear from your guys! What are your tips and strategies for becoming the ultimate killing machine on these Close Quarters maps?

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