Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Guide: Jets, Choppers and SOFLAM Tips

As many of you know, there is a wide variety of equipment and vehicles to choose from in Battlefield 3 to help you dominate the land, sea and air. We have jets, tanks, boats, helicopters, and equipment like the javelin and SOFLAM. The only problem is some of these vehicles and equipment aren’t very “noob” friendly and leave you crashing your jet or heli immediately after take-off or wondering what the heck the SOFLAM actually does.

Below, we’ve compiled some tips and video tutorials that we think will really help you guys out with some of these hard-to-master vehicles. First off, MP1st’s advice for consoles:

Personally, I like to switch all my vehicle stick settings to ‘alternative’. This allows for a few things, the main thing being that my right trigger/R1 is always designated to ‘fire’. On land vehicles, this means the left trigger/L1 will be designated to your ‘throttle’, while the left bumper/L2 will be designated to ‘brake/reverse’. To me, it seems simpler to have the left hand control my speed, while the right hand takes care of the killing! Of course, if you’ve played any racing games, it’s probably engrained into your head that the right trigger/R1 means ‘gas’, so it may take some getting used to.

What I like about this set up on air vehicles, is that the left thumb stick will always control the throttle, meaning I don’t always need to hold down one of the triggers/shoulder buttons the entire time. Again, I like having the right trigger/R1 set to ‘fire’, it keeps things simple and means less thinking when in a tricky situation since it’s already what we’re all used to.

In Battlefield 3, you’re going to have a hard time being effective with jets and helis the first couple times since you won’t have access to flares or heat seeking missiles. Just remember to keep trying and be patient. The reward is well worth it and will make your battlefield experience all the more exciting.

On to some video tutorials!

Jet Tutorial Part 1:
by xHolyHandGrenadex 

[youtube id=”FkPsGauBb9s” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Helicopter Tutorial:

[youtube id=”qdd-yD7fykI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

SOFLAM Tutorial:
by sacriel42

[youtube id=”0oVr5uQsifo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

SOFLAM + Javelin Tutorial:
by sacriel42

[youtube id=”eNP9z2FoaHk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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