3 Secrets To Harnessing Your Inner Rage

Whether it be the PO’d German kid playing Unreal Tournament, Croyt’s anger playing Halo 2, or the kid who shoves a TV remote up his bunghole for having his WoW account erased, let’s face an irrefutable truth ladies and gentlemen.  Most of us are victims of violent outbursts known in the gaming community as “Raging.”

I for one am embarrassed to admit that during my tween years, raging was a daily occurrence.  When I look back on my naive self, I can’t help but feel dense.  The numerous controllers I broke, the relationships I lost, the headaches that ensued, my rampageous behavior only hurt me physically and mentally turning me into a recluse.  But what if TheKimDynasty told you that you can manage your rage and alleviate the frustrations you suffer from circumstances such as Battlefield blueberries who don’t PTFO? Read on my friends and let me enlighten you with these suggestions.

Tip # 1: Meditate

Yes I’m Asian but ain’t no Buddhist monk and I’m far from Nirvana.  But adding meditation to your daily routine can work wonders not only for your mental well-being, but also your gaming performance.  Gunnar glasses, Astro headsets and fancy controllers can only do so much without a sound mindset.  Scientific and medical research have proven that meditation can reduce blood pressure, depression and anxiety levels, all factors that are heightened when you rage.  Take at least 10 minutes in your room before a game sitting down, either hands clasped or open, reflecting on the consequences of the possibility of raging while taking deep breathes.  Rythmically inhale and exhale at equal intervals and consider this while your at it, losing your temper may hurt you, your peers or worse, your image.  Take note, meditating is an exercise to control your mind and body.  Raging is a product of you losing control.

Tip # 2: Stay Positive

A Navy Seal wisely stated that everyday you wake up, you have a choice.  Either you can choose to be positive or negative.  From experience, negativity turns you into a cynic and can lead to a frequency in uncontrollable anger.  And trust me, NOBODY likes a cynic.  Remember, a good attitude can make a colossal difference to how you play and if you reflect a positive attitude to those you play with, more often than not, they will share the same courtesy.  Try not to blame the game or other people for your poor performance, because truthfully, you only have yourself to blame.  Again, the key word is ATTITUDE.

Tip # 3: Take Up Another Hobby

We all experienced a slump in some shape or form in our lifetimes and sometimes it’s unavoidable.  Gaming is no exception and at times we can feel helpless, depressed and furious.  But it’s important to note that gaming is just one aspect of our lives. There is so much to do in today’s world so long as you remain broad-minded.  If your game is not up to par or your being harassed by some asswipe hell bent on seeing you fail, set the controller or mouse/keyboard aside.  Go outside, read a book, workout, make connections or take up a sport.  Sure we want to be successful and have fun in our games but unknowingly we can hit a brick wall.  Enjoying activities outside of gaming can refresh your mind and will better prepare you to overcome obstacles we face on a daily basis, gaming included.

Like or dislike what you see?  Leave me feedback on my twitter @TheKimDynasty. What are some ways that you calm stress and reduce gaming rage?

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