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Latest Team Fortress 2 Update Cracks Down On Idlers And Third Party Programs News 11

News 11 Those who tend to go idle during a match of Valve’s free-to-play shooter Team Fortress 2 and expect to get rewarded with items for doing nothing may want to rethink their strategy. The latest patch, which is now live, stops pesky idlers from being rewarded. Valve is even taking it a step further and punishing […]

Crytek’s Warface Claims Guiness World Record – Most Online Player Simultaneously News 37

News 37 Crytek and their free-to-play FPS Warface now proudly hold the Guiness World Record for “most online players simultaneously present on one online shooter server” Coordinated by Mail.Ru, a leading internet service provider and online games publisher who also operates the game in Russia, the event saw 145,000 Russian Warface players enjoy the game simultaneously. Launching in […]

3 Secrets To Harnessing Your Inner Rage News 27

News 27 Whether it be the PO’d German kid playing Unreal Tournament, Croyt’s anger playing Halo 2, or the kid who shoves a TV remote up his bunghole for having his WoW account erased, let’s face an irrefutable truth ladies and gentlemen.  Most of us are victims of violent outbursts known in the gaming community as “Raging.” […]

Black Ops 2 PC – FOV Maxed at 80, FPS on Ranked Matches Might be Capped at 120 News 32

News 32 Update PCDev has made a quick correction regarding the FPS cap for ranked matches: Correction: Yesterday I said that FPS would be capped at 120 for ranked matches. The cap will actually be 200 FPS for ranked matches. This cap is needed to prevent monster rigs from degrading dedicated server performance. Frag on, please. Treyarch’s PC […]

Report – LucasArts Working On An Unannounced FPS News 18

News 18 LucasArts is looking to hire new talent for an unannounced First-Person Shooter. According to two recent job postings at Lucasarts, positions of a Senior Core Engineer and Senior Animator are both looking to be filled to work on an unannounced FPS title. No further details about the game have been revealed, other than it being set to appear […]

Does the FPS Genre Lack Innovation? DICE General Manager Answers News 92

News 92 Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager of DICE, the studio behind Battlefield 3, believes that gamers will lose interest in the first-person genre soon if strides in innovation and technological advancements are not made. Recently, Edge asked Troedsson what he thought about the FPS genre and whether he thinks other developers are doing what it takes […]

The Silent Rage – Can It Stand Up To MW3 And BF3? News 4

News 4 Rage – Noun: angry fury; violent anger ( Rage – Game: a strong competitor to an ever growing FPS genre (the   This holiday season, fans of the FPS genre, are constantly bombarded with the captioned title, “Battlefield vs MW3”. I’m sure we can post a number of references to YouTube videos showing massive “Like” counts for […]

Killzone 3: Best Underplayed Shooter in 2011 News 12

News 12 Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years then you know that Call of Duty and Battlefield are the supreme leaders within the first person shooter market, and with both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 coming out later this year, the hype for both of these titles has […]