Crytek’s Warface Claims Guiness World Record – Most Online Player Simultaneously

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Crytek and their free-to-play FPS Warface now proudly hold the Guiness World Record for “most online players simultaneously present on one online shooter server”

Coordinated by Mail.Ru, a leading internet service provider and online games publisher who also operates the game in Russia, the event saw 145,000 Russian Warface players enjoy the game simultaneously.


Launching in April, 2012, Warface is a near-future, free-to-play, PC-exclusive FPS built on the CryENGINE 3 that focuses on both co-op and competitive online gameplay.

The game, relatively unknown to Western audiences, has already seen some major successes, including being named “Game of the Year” at the Russian Games Developer Conference and registering over 9 million users in Russia in it’s first year since launch alone.

Warface entered closed beta in North America last January but has yet to receive a definitive release date in the West. You can catch some high-action gameplay below: