Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Team Bonuses List for Every Character


While most guides for the game will simply tell you to wing it with team bonuses and figure them out on your own, we’ve got the best Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 team bonuses list for you right here. The list details the combinations of every hero, all available teams, and the best combinations for particular stats.

Over on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Subreddit, one player, Nebulous_Journeyman, has created the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 team bonuses list for the game out of sheer frustration. In their words, “one does simply not wing it.” Nebulous_Journeyman found it impossible to get a good idea of what different team combinations offered in terms of bonuses for players in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, so they made their own program to work it all out using math.

Mercifully we have a link to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 bonuses list Google Sheet that Nebulous_Journeyman has made. We’ve also made the document in its current state available to you here: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3_ Team bonus analysis. However, we would suggest using the Google Sheet link first, and only look at our static version of the document if it has been made unavailable for some reason. We ask this because Nebulous_Journeyman is going to continue updating the Google Sheet as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 sees new characters and updates in the future. While the static version of the document we have here may be accurate in some ways forever, it won’t be completely accurate forever.

The Google Sheet has two tabs that offer different information. The first tab, Just the Best!, contains team combinations for particular stats, or total stats. Each combination’s stat can be identified by the bold stat in the columns following it. This tab is great if you’re looking to create the team that deals the most bonus damage, or just a team that’s geared towards Strength or Vitality.

The second tab in the Google Sheet, All Unique Teams, is simply a list of all the possible team combinations in the game. As you can imagine, with a roster as big as the one in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, this is a hefty tab to run. This tab is good just for seeing what a team combination would look like in terms of stats, for when you’re sat around thinking about the game even though you’re not playing it. The best part about this being a Google Sheet is that it almost looks like work, so you can view it in basically any situation without being questioned.

A couple of updates have been made to the Google Sheet since it was made, and these are active now. The first is that Thanos is included in there. The second is that Loki and Magneto are also now in there, because all three weren’t originally due to an error with the document.

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