MP Games You Might Have Missed – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I doubt anyone that’s into Counter-Strike has missed CS:GO, and considering it’s the first multi-platform title in the franchise, I’d say a lot more people have probably heard about CS:GO that previous CS games.  However, the CS franchise has a reputation as being the “FPS Nerd/Pro Player” title that noobs dare not touch, which is kind of a shame.

Thankfully, Valve and Hidden Path have recognized this stigma and put in place some things that make CS:GO easily the most broadly appealing title in the franchise.  Namely, new gamemodes Deathmatch (added in a recent update) and Arms Race, both of which are respawn gamemodes that will appeal to those of you that have come to enjoy games like COD and Blacklight: Retribution.

[youtube id=”JRpDmnqOh6M” width=”618″ height=”378″]

All in all, I think CS:GO is probably the best CS game yet as far as variety of gameplay and end-user experience (lack of bugs/glitches/design flaws) is concerned.  While I’m sure a lot of the more hardcore CS fans are probably a little annoyed at the influx of noob players, I think Valve and Hidden Path have ushered those noobs into the CS franchise in way that doesn’t hurt the core “old school” experience.

You can pick up CS:GO on Steam here.  I recommend avoiding the console port as CS is really a PC game and just about any PC can probably run it.  The console version isn’t nearly as popular or well-supported either.

Thank you for reading.

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