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Valve Boss Gabe Newell Prefers the Xbox Series X Over the PS5 News 3

News 3 Are you intersted in a PS5 or an Xbox Series X? Both? While some might be deciding which console to get (assuming they can’t buy both), Valve boss Gabe Newell has already cast his vote, and he’s on Team Microsoft! In an interview, Gabe Newell was asked “which is better” the PS5 or the Xbox […]

Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO Source Codes Leak Online, Players Should Be Safe to Play Counter-Strike News 0

News 0 Earlier today, it was confirmed that both Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO source codes had leaked online, causing players to become worried about potential security breaches on both titles, urging them not to play. As it turns out, at least for Counter-Strike, there is no need for concerns as Valve has given the ok to […]

Valve Patents New Steam Controller With Swappable Parts News 0

News 0 With both Sony and Microsoft showcasing new controllers for their upcoming next-gen consoles, it seems Valve won’t sit idly by, as the company has filed a patent that mentions a new Steam controller with swappable parts. Related Reading:  PS5 Controller Revealed, Called the “DualSense” Xbox Series X Controller Features a New D-Pad, Textured Grip This […]

CS:GO Concurrent Player Count Reaches All-Time High at 1M News 0

News 0 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or more commonly known as CS:GO, is still raking in players even after years of being out (two decades if you count the original Counter-Strike). Case in point: The CS:GO concurrent player count has now reached an all-time high of one million! This was mentioned by the Steam Database Twitter account that […]

Left 4 Dead 3 or Anything L4D “Absolutely” Not Being Worked on Says Valve News 0

News 0 Remember those Left 4 Dead 3 rumors that cropped up? There was even a well made fake trailer that kinda made some people believe that a new Left 4 Dead game is indeed incoming. Well, we’re here to be the bearer of bad news. Not only is Left 4 Dead 3 not coming, but anything […]

Rumor: New Left 4 Dead Incoming but It’s Not What You Were Expecting News 0

News 0 While zombie games are a dime a dozen these days, those old enough to remember Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise most likely won’t say not to a new Left 4 Dead game being announced. Well, if this new rumor is any indication, we might just be getting that announcement soon, though it’s not the new […]

EA Games and EA Access Subscription Coming to Steam News 0

News 0 If you’re one of the millions of PC players who use Steam and want to play EA games without using Origin, that will soon become a reality! Today, EA has announced that the publisher’s titles will soon be available on Valve’s Steam platform! This will be in effect in full starting next spring, but the […]

Steam Remote Play Together Details Announced News 0

News 0 If you’re a PC gamer, chances are you use Steam. If you want to play with friends and you only own the game, or if the game only supports local co-op, Valve has a solution for you and it’ for free! Called Steam Remote Play Together, this new feature lets you play with your Steam […]

Dota Underlords Announced, Open Beta Incoming for Valve’s Dota Chess News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, there’s a new version of Dota that’s being played a lot currently, and it’s Dota Chess. Well, today, Valve has announced its own Dota Chess version called Dota Underlords. Over on the official Dota blog, Valve outlined how Dota 2 Battle Pass players can play Dota Underlords right now, and […]

This Left 4 Dead 3 Trailer Is a Fake, but You’ll Want to Watch It Anyway News 0

News 0 Even if you didn’t play a lot of games back then, chances are you know of Valve’s Left 4 Dead zombie franchise. While Left 4 Dead 2 was a huge success for Valve, for some reason or another, we never got Left 4 Dead 3. Just recently, a Left 4 Dead 3 trailer made the […]

CS:GO Halloween Event Announced, Full Release Notes Listed News 0

News 0 Valve is bringing the holidays to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! In a new blog post, the company announced the CS:GO Halloween event called the “Graveyard Shift.” Players will be able to fight their way through a “midnight makeover” of Cobblestone! Not only that, but players will be able to torment players as a “ghost” in Casual, […]

Steam Active Users Now at Over 45 Million Daily News 0

News 0 While most big studios focus on console gamers when it comes to AAA releases, the PC market is and always will be a big market as well. Of course, when it comes to PC gaming, there’s a platform synonymous with it, and that’s Steam. Almost every gaming PC and laptop today has Steam installed as […]

CS:GO to Be Free for Offline Play Starting Today, Here’s the Rest of the Changes News 0

News 0 Valve has rolled out a new game update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and it’s not your ordinary game update. Fans will be able to download CS:GO’s offline version and play it for free along with GOTV! [LONDON 2018] – Added tournament items for the FACEIT 2018 London CS:GO Major Championship and the London 2018 […]

Valve Announces Dota Plus Subscription Service News 6

News 6 Can’t get enough Dota? Do you want to spend more on your favorite MOBA? If the answers to those is a resounding “yes,” then Valve has just the thing for you! Valve has announced “Dota Plus” a new subscription-based service that will “help you get the most out of every match you play.” It’s an […]

Counter-Strike Co-Creator Charged for Sex Exploitation of a Child News 0

News 0 Counter Strike Co Creator Can’t Post Bail Due to Sexual Exploitation Charge Against a Child With sexual harassment cases from Hollywood and the sporting world now coming to light after years, and even decades, of abuse from predators, it seems the video game industry isn’t spared from the shame and controversy surrounding it as well. […]

Dota 2 Updates Now Set to Go Out Every Two Weeks for the Next Six Months News 0

News 0 Dota 2 Updates Now Set to Go Out Every Two Weeks! While Dota 2 players are used to getting big patches spread out over the course of 12 months, that will be changing very, very soon. Over on Twitter, Dota creator IceFrog has announced that they’re shaking up the Dota 2 updates, and how they’re […]

Valve Cancels Dota 2 Galaxy Battles 2018 in the Philippines Amid Privacy Concerns News 0

News 0 Gaming is a worldwide past time, and in some areas of the world, gaming is a very big deal. This is the case for most countries in Asia where MOBA’s are the dominant video game genre played. One of these big MOBA games is none other than Valve’s Dota 2.  While countless video game events […]

Steam “Best of 2017” List, Includes Top Selling, Top Played and More News 0

News 0 Valve, the company behind digital storefront behemoth Steam, has released its “Best of 2017” list, and it covers a lot of ground. While people usually lists their top games of the year, Valve did that a few hundred steps better by listing the Steam top selling games of 2017, best new releases, most played and […]

CS:GO Battle Royale Available to Play Through Custom Game Mode News 0

News 0 With rumors pointing towards a possible battle royale mode for CS:GO, many gamers have been expressing their excitement at playing the hardcore shooter in PUBG-esque fashion. Though there’s no official confirmation that “Survival” will be coming to CS:GO, the mere notion of such a game mode has people hyped and ready to fight to the death. Thankfully, CS:GO players don’t […]

CS:GO Holiday Cheer Event Is Live, New Gifts Available for Limited Time News 0

News 0 Celebrate the holidays with CS:GO‘s returning Holiday Cheer event. It’s a “festive fragging season” and you’re sure to see that reflected in-game. Valve has also added new “gifts,” which are available for a limited time. In addition to the Holiday Cheer event, the latest update adds content themed around The eLeague Boston 2018 CS:GO Major Championship, as well […]

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