MP1st is Undergoing Maintenance and We Want Your Feedback

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Over the last 10 days, we at MP1st have been hard at work redesigning the website to ease your browsing experience. You might have been experiencing some problems with the categories tabs on the second navigation bar, so in the meantime, you’ll have to find all links to the articles on the much improved hompage. (Yes, we know battlefield fans, it’s an inconvenience for you. But don’t worry, this past week we’ve mainly covered Battlefield.)

We are at the last stages of sanding off the edges of the new and improved MP1st, so all the feedback you can provide at this stage will help us tweak MP1st to your liking. Make sure to be as specific as possible with your feedback in the comments’ section below, and we will address every concern.

Also this week, we created a Facebook page that we’d like you to like! (A better logo for that page is being worked on.)

Don’t forget to follow MP1st on twitter and tweet at us whatever comes to your mind.