MP1st Reader Blog: Is An Always Online Console Really That Bad?

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With recent rumors heating up about the next Xbox being “Always-Online”, it seems to many that it’s the worst idea to ever face a console; Because who in their right gaming mind would want that? But, is it really that bad? Read on, and let the discussion begin.

First off, to honestly get the most out of your game, you need to be connected to the internet. Not only does being connected give you access to things like bonus content, multiplayer, and patches that fix game breaking bugs, but it also lets you play online with friends who have the same game. With no internet, you get none of those things, and while single player games seem like the route to go, they are becoming the minority of gaming. So many publishers and developers are finding that multiplayer expands the time of playing the game, increases profit, and cuts down the need for a story.

The rumor that surrounds the next Xbox is like a red ring of death(first pun, whaddup) and a lot of people wonder “What happens if Xbox Live goes down?”. Well the thing is, Xbox Live has only been down twice, once for an overload of new members during the holiday season, and a second time for sign-in issues that were fixed within the hour. Xbox Live is very reliable when it comes to staying online for the millions of users who are subscribed to their services, so rest assured that if it does go down again, it won’t be the end of your gaming career.

One thing that I think we all hate, is coming home from work or school after the release of new maps or updates and having to download them, and wait. With the console being always online, it could feature automatic background updates for the games you play, and the add-ons you pre-purchase. No need to wait anymore on the edge of your seat to play the new maps or use the new weapons everyone has been talking about, just power up and jump right into it.

Now, no good argument is ever without flaws, so here are some of the most prominent ones to the points made above.

Slow internet speeds are really the main problem people have with an always online console. If it is implemented, then even navigating the dashboard can be a slow annoyance, and those wishing to play their single player games now have to deal with lag.

Those of us who are soldiers, travelers, or just outdoorsmen who enjoy gaming on the go really get jipped. If you don’t have an internet connection, then you can’t play, and after a long day of shooting, driving, or fishing you just want to relax; But if this happens, then more stress shall follow.

If Xbox Live does crash, then we are all honestly screwed out of our day of play, and not only will it make gamers across the globe angry, it might even convince them to switch over to the PlayStation side.

In the end, we’ve gone over the best and worst of this debacle. Is an always online console really that bad after reading what you’ve read? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author: Pieky

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