MP1st Reader Blog: Is the PlayStation 4 Worth It?

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Since the night of February 20th in New York City, when the PS4 was finally announced, specs specified, and the new Dualshock and PlayStaton Eye were revealed, I’ve been blown away by the improvement on Sony’s part to make the ultimate console for both gamers and developers. Here’s why.

I’ve always been an Xbox guy, I never did like any of the PlayStations except for the first one, (which i sometimes break out) I’d always hear about how laggy the network was, how the social aspect was terribly built and difficult to use, and how expensive it was. The only good things that the PlayStation had were it’s collection of exclusive games and free multiplayer, unlike Xbox’s subscription based system. Now with Sony’s big announcement, and everything that i have read, I’ve gained much more respect for them. They took suggestions from developers, added more of a social platform for gamers to share, connect and even showcase their own gameplay, redesigned their controller for better fit and easier navigation, and they even specified the specs of the PS4 which are fantastic compared to the current generations.

So the question is, is the PS4 worth it? I strongly believe it is. Sony has truly learned from it’s mistakes and has upped the ante in the gamble of consoles. Whenever Microsoft decides to showcase their next-gen console, they better be on par with Sony, otherwise I may switch from being Xbox only to PlayStation only.

Author: Denny Kovacs.

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