No Battlefield 3 Xbox Footage Yet… But In Dice We Trust

Last week, at GamesCon 2011, DICE released footage of its developers walking the press through a demonstration of their Battlefield 3 co-operative mode, which you can view here (WARNING: mature language). Other than the amazing gameplay that was shown to us, the most interesting aspect of this footage was that we got another glimpse of Battlefield 3 on the Playstation 3. Most footage to this date has been shown on the PC. Many remarked that this demonstration looked significantly better than the PS3 version’s first reveal on the Jimmy Fallon show about two months ago, where they showed some single-player campaign footage on the PS3.

So far, DICE has shown much love to the PC fans, and then to the PS3 community, especially since they announced a free downloadable copy of Battlefield: 1943 with all copies of BF3 for PS3 owners. Favouring the PC is completely understandable considering Battlefield 3 is a direct sequel to Battlefield 2, a PC-based game. You can read DICE’s statements on this here. Being primarily an Xbox 360 gamer, I have to ask… where is the love for the Xbox 360 owners, and when do we get to see BF3 running on the Xbox?

I can’t help but feel slightly concerned that DICE is trying to hide something. Perhaps the 360 version of BF3 won’t live up to the graphical expectations of the PC and the PS3? I am leaning towards this being the case, especially with some of the rumours currently flying about.

Some unofficial sources have stated that it was announced at GDC that the PS3 version of BF3 will support SPU-based deffered shading while the Xbox 360 version will only utilize tiled-based deferred shading. I haven’t linked to any of these sources because I am not yet 100% sure that these facts are true. However, I am aware that the PS3 does have a slight graphical advantage over the 360. This is obvious with PS3 exclusive titles like Killzone 3, Uncharted 2, or God of War 3.

Luckily, I have had the chance to play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on both the PS3 and the 360. In my experience, I felt that the PS3 version did have a slight graphical edge over the 360, however, I found the gameplay on the 360 to be slightly smoother. Could this perhaps be the case with Battlefield 3?

What’s also interesting is that this is one of the first multi-platform games who’s principle platform is the PC. From there, it will be ported to the 360 and the PS3. This is in contrast to a game like Call of Duty: Black Ops, where the 360 has typically been the leading console. Unfortunately, we all know what happened to the PS3 port of Black Ops during launch. Lets hope DICE has a smooth launch across all platforms in October. While I am anxious to know the truth about any differences regarding the three versions of Battlefield 3, I trust in DICE to provide an amazing experience for all gamers on their platform of choice.

Maybe we will finally have a chance to see Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 during PAX next week.

Leave your thoughts below, and don’t forget to check out our Battlefield 3 section for all the latest BF3 news. Read DICE’s comments on some of the latest BF3 information here.


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14 thoughts on “No Battlefield 3 Xbox Footage Yet… But In Dice We Trust

  1. hmmm…. if anything they probably don’t want the ps3 one to be seen as looking worse. a PC lead platform usually means shit on ps3 compared to 360.

  2. well , i didn’t preorder BF3 for xbox360 because of that specific reason
    how in hell iam supposed to buy a game that i didn’t see any video showing it playing on my platform

  3. doesnt really matter we all know the game is going to be amazing regardless. But i still would like to see equal amount of console gameplay as the PC versions just to see how it plays.

  4. well i hope it has an advantage to counter for the ps3’s graphical advantage. i have faith it will be good on the xbox but i really dont want to get shit about the xbox version being worse from my friends with ps3’s LOL

  5. I have been intrigued by the fact also that we have not seen any 360 foot also and in many cases this can be a negative.

    I am getting the 360 version either way because I prefer the gamepad and my brothers all have 360’s. Plus if it at least looks as good as bfbc2 then you will hear no complaints from me.

    and quite frankly there are multiple scenarios as to why the game has not been shown yet. One of course being that it’s not as good looking. another one could be that microsoft has gotten cozy (too cozy for my taste) with activision. Maybe Sony is cozy with Dice/Ea on this one? Other can be well, it’s easier to port a game when pc is lead platform to the 360 then the ps3. It just might not be ready to be shown yet because so much time was spent getting bf3 to run properly on the ps3?

    Plenty of scenarios. Either way, can’t wait!

  6. ” PS3 version of BF3 will support SPU-based deffered shading while the Xbox 360 version will only utilize tiled-based deferred shading ”
    This is correct as DICE have placed the info up themselves. The AA is also run through the SPU’s and has no impact on the RSX.
    Getting back to the 360 version, as long as it plays ok thats the main thing. It might not be as good looking as PS3, but PS3 is not as good looking as PC, so it’s just the way things are i’m afraid.

  7. I hope DICE makes this game look as good as it can on PS3, if that look can’t carry over to the Xbox 360 due to its lack of computing power vs the PS3, so be it.

  8. New iPhone Game Shows Battlefield 3 Quality….Even if 360 is that good people would be happy lol.

  9. well really folks we here this time and time again about the “ps3 superior power”and to be honest the vast majority of multiformat games play better on xbox 360.why would this all of a sudden change now lol!
    the ps3 has had plenty of chances to stretch its alleged “superior power” and never lives up to the fanboy based
    propaganda but mostly falls short .the console versions will be identical period.!

  10. Umm wrong battlefield being treated as an exclusive on every platform, thats why ps3 is using spu. Unlike cod which gets ported, this game is going to be a game that you can actually compare the 360 and ps3 gameplay and graphics to see which system has the most power. Also the 360 is going to use a special lighting solution, so it seems like they have an issue with the lighting maybe thats why dice has not showcased the 360 version yet.

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