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Homefront: The Revolution Gets Multiplayer Content At Launch – Resistance Mode Announced News 13

News 13 With the original Homefront’s heavy emphasis on competitive multiplayer gameplay, fans of the IP were surprised to learn its follow-up, Homefront: The Revolution, would ship without a player-versus-player mode when it was announced two summers ago. While developer Deep Silver still hasn’t mentioned any plans to develop a multiplayer mode dedicated to adversarial combat, we […]

Report – Sunset Overdrive Will Feature 8-Player Co-Op Action News 81

News 81 It appears that Insomniac Games’ upcoming over-the-top, open-world action shooter Sunset Overdrive will offer a dose of co-op action for yourself and 7 other friends. According to Sunset Overdrive’s official page on Xbox, the title will feature 8 player co-op multiplayer. The mention of it has been pulled as of this writing, however, indicating that it was likely an announcement being saved […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept Co-op DLC Releases June, Later As Standalone Expansion News 5

News 5 Teased last week, Guerrilla Games has a new expansion pack for Killzone: Shadow Fall in the works called “Intercept”, which will feature a full four-player co-op mode. The co-op mode is confirmed to feature four arena maps inspired by locations in the single player. Players are tasked with defending an Uplink from waves of Helghast troops as […]

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Goes Co-Op in This New Trailer News 8

News 8 There are more ways than one to play Ubisoft’s upcoming stealth-shooter, Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Last week, the studio gave fans a first look at the game’s competitive multiplayer component, Spies vs. Mercs. You can learn all about it here and catch the first reveal trailer here. Today, we get a glimpse of some co-op action through the game’s […]

God of War: Ascension – Trial of the Gods Co-op Mode Revealed, New Trailers News 2

News 2 With less than one week away from the release of the PS3 exclusive, God of War: Ascension, Santa Monica and Sony announced that, for the first time, God of War will feature a co-operative game mode. Called “Trial of the Gods,” you and an additional player will be put up against five waves of enemies. […]

Dead Space 3 Demo Gets a Release Date, Will Include Co-op News 10

News 10 Dead Space fans, prepare yourself for next month. Today, EA has announced that the Dead Space 3 demo will be coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 January 22nd, 2013. The demo will include co-operative play, where players will get a chance to go through the demo portion as either Isaac Clarke or his […]

Far Cry 3 Gets a Brand New Co-op Trailer News 7

News 7 Get your co-op game on in Far Cry 3 this December 4. Ubisoft introduces the four unique characters you’ll be getting to know in Far Cry 3’s co-operative campaign, playable with four players online, or two split-screen. Be warned, the language is quite colorful. Also, make sure to check out Far Cry 3’s Island Map […]

Multiplayer Games You Might Have Missed – Week 6: Resident Evil 6 News 18

News 18 Of all the games being released this time of year, it gets really hard to find games that standout from the crowd.  While most people probably aren’t big Resident Evil fans, I am.  I haven’t played much of the previous games in the series, but RE6 is an excellent game.  Is it scary?  No, not […]

Dead Space 3 Removing Competitive Multiplayer, Adding Co-op News 6

News 6 Details from the next issue of Gameinformer have been leaked  by a user over at NeoGaf. The leaked information confirmed that Visceral Games would be dropping the competitive multiplayer that was introduced in Dead Space 2. As to the reason why, this has not been revealed yet. However, many have speculated that the aim is to […]

Sniper Elite V2 – Competitive Multiplayer Only On PC and Other Details News 64

News 64 The first details of the multiplayer component of Sniper Elite V2 have finally been revealed by Rebellion games. Sniper Elite V2 will feature both competitive and co-operative modes on PC. However, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will only get the co-op modes. Last month, the following  2 player online co-op modes have been confirmed via forum post, […]

New Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Details and Release Date News 14

News 14 More details about Resident Evil 6’s multiplayer co-op experience have surfaced since the recent reveal of a brand new trailer during Capcom’s Captivate event in Rome. First, if you haven’t checked out the new trailer, give it a glimpse right here: Other than the loads of scary monsters and zombies, you’ll also notice a revised […]

New Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Community Challenge – Operation: Raptor News 3

News 3 Last weekend, BioWare commenced Operation: Fortress, in which all players were granted a 25% bonus in experience points. The weekend before that, players were welcomed to the first community challenge, Operation: Goliath. This week, BioWare continues the series of challenged with Operation: Raptor. In this particular operation, players are tasked with promoting 150,000 characters or […]

Ubisoft Demonstrates Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s Co-Op Mode News 11

News 11 Ubisoft IP Director Adrian Lacey walks us through aspects of Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s online co-operative mode in this recently released video. After showing off the in-depth gunsmith mode, the mission then kicks off in an autumn Russian forest where four Ghosts are tasked with taking out enemy soldiers using the controllable UAV and optical camoflage. […]

New Medal of Honor: Warfighter Details – Co-op Confirmed News 30

News 30 Since the reveal of Danger Close’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter only a few days ago, many fans have taken up the hunt for further details for both the single, and multiplayer. Luckily, the NeoGAF forums detailed some of the things we can expect from one of 2012’s hottest shooters. Starting off with the competitive multiplayer, […]

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo Impressions News 4

News 4 Mass Effect fans have eagerly been awaiting this Valentines Day to spend time with the ones they love the most… that is if they happen to be blue, green or bird-like aliens. Yesterday, BioWare officially released the Mass Effect 3 demo and MP1st is here to give you our thoughts on the co-op multiplayer, Galaxy […]

Why Halo: Reach is the Definitive Multiplayer Experience News 22

News 22 There’s no denying, unless you’re crazy, that Halo is a game that revolutionized single-player storytelling and multiplayer before the reigns were taken by the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty.  As a ten-year veteran of the franchise, one iteration stands out among the rest, and that is Halo: Reach.  Halo: Reach is the culmination […]

Syndicate Co-op Demo Impressions News 6

News 6 Honestly, I haven’t been following Starbreeze Studios’s modern FPS take on Bullfrogs Productions’ 1993 real-time tactical game, Syndicate, very closely up until now. Upon downloading the recent demo for my Xbox 360 to see what this bad boy was all about, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. To give you the basic rundown, […]

5 Co-op Games That Need HD Remakes News 10

News 10 This generation of online gaming has offered up a bevy of cooperative thrills, whether it be Gears of War’s methodical, gore-soaked killfests, Portal 2’s heady puzzle-solving, or even Castle Crasher’s budget brawling. That being said, there are a number of cooperative gems that ruled last generation’s roost that would do wonders in regards to rounding […]

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Trailer Break Down News 3

News 3 BioWare has finally unleashed multiplayer co-op footage of Mass Effect 3’s Galaxy At War earlier this morning. Titled Mass Effect 3: Special Forces Trailer, BioWare shows off some of the exotic locales in which you’ll be waging war, each of the playable races and classes, as well as some of the intense Biotic and Tech […]

Resident Evil 6 Co-op: Do it Right, Capcom News 6

News 6 Resident Evil 6’s trailer reveal was a nice little late-winter bombshell, and the further affirmation of a mysterious 6-player cooperative mode has many survival-horror fans chomping at the bit. Resident Evil 5 is the highest-selling installment in the franchise, and its exemplary co-op mode has a great deal to do with that. With 2-player split-screen […]

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