Report – Sunset Overdrive Will Feature 8-Player Co-Op Action

It appears that Insomniac Games’ upcoming over-the-top, open-world action shooter Sunset Overdrive will offer a dose of co-op action for yourself and 7 other friends.

According to Sunset Overdrive’s official page on Xbox, the title will feature 8 player co-op multiplayer. The mention of it has been pulled as of this writing, however, indicating that it was likely an announcement being saved for its showing at E3 2014.

Lucky for you guys, we managed to screenshot the mention:


If you’ve got your eyes on this Xbox One-exclusive shooter, then definitely stay tuned for Microsoft’s E3 press conference at 9:30am PST on June 9. You can watch the debut gameplay trailer here.

Sunset Overdrive is set to launch Fall season.

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