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Sunset Overdrive Review – Insomniac’s Jump to Microsoft Pays Off Big Reviews 38

Reviews 38 What do you get when you cross mutated monsters, bright colors, vulgar language, and high-speed traversal shooting? You get Insomniac Games’ Xbox One-exclusive debut, Sunset Overdrive, an over-the-top and blindingly fast-paced thrill ride. Touting the catch phrase “Welcome to the Awesomepocalypse” it more than lives up to the billing. It’s a good thing too because […]

Report – White Xbox One Console to Launch in Sunset Overdrive Bundle Later This Year News 24

News 24 Reports are surfacing that a white Xbox One model will be bundled with Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive for launch later this year. A Microsoft Spokesperson told Polygon the news, though wasn’t able to specify pricing or an exact release date. We anticipate an official announcement with precise info in the near future. Sunset Overdrive, however, launches on […]

Check Out Sunset Overdrive’s 8-Player “Chaos Squad” Multiplayer In Action News 12

News 12 This Fall, Insomniac Games will let you and seven other friends take on hordes of out-of-this-world baddies in their over-the-top Xbox One shooter, Sunset Overdrive. Our first look at the game’s co-operative multiplayer mode called Chaos Squad arrives today in the form of a developer-commentated video showing off customization options and how your character can […]

Report – Sunset Overdrive Will Feature 8-Player Co-Op Action News 81

News 81 It appears that Insomniac Games’ upcoming over-the-top, open-world action shooter Sunset Overdrive will offer a dose of co-op action for yourself and 7 other friends. According to Sunset Overdrive’s official page on Xbox, the title will feature 8 player co-op multiplayer. The mention of it has been pulled as of this writing, however, indicating that it was likely an announcement being saved […]

Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Debut, Multiplayer Will Offer “Unique Things” News 33

News 33 First revealed during E3 2013, Insomniac games and Microsoft today unveiled the very first gameplay for the Xbox One-exclusive, Sunset Overdrive. The game will indeed feature some sort of multiplayer, though nothing has really been confirmed as to how it will play, other than that it won’t have co-op for the campaign. The official Sunset […]