Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept Co-op DLC Releases June, Later As Standalone Expansion

Teased last week, Guerrilla Games has a new expansion pack for Killzone: Shadow Fall in the works called “Intercept”, which will feature a full four-player co-op mode.

The co-op mode is confirmed to feature four arena maps inspired by locations in the single player. Players are tasked with defending an Uplink from waves of Helghast troops as it’s being hacked. Combat will vary from close-quarters, to mid-range battles.

Whatever the situation is, teamwork is a must as the Helghast have been designed to switch up their tactics, and as detailed by the PSBlog, they will even have the ability to call in special champions that we may be familiar with (RADEC, PLEASE!!).

Additionally, as players are defending the uplink, they will also receive points that get added to their score, which can be used for special unique items such as an artillery strikes or the Jetpack, which makes a return in this expansion.

Below you can see the playable classes that are available in Intercept.

Killzone Shadow Fall InterceptKillzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Killzone Shadow Fall InterceptKillzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Here are some screenshots of the new arenas:

14191713931_b5355db2eb_z 14171863096_a7d0bf2954_z

Lastly, here is a preview of the Jetpack.

Intercept is set to release sometimes in June, free for those who own the season pass. For those who don’t own Killzone: Shadow Fall, they will be offering a standalone version of Intercept that’ll be available later in the year.

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