Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Trailer Break Down

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BioWare has finally unleashed multiplayer co-op footage of Mass Effect 3’s Galaxy At War earlier this morning.

Titled Mass Effect 3: Special Forces Trailer, BioWare shows off some of the exotic locales in which you’ll be waging war, each of the playable races and classes, as well as some of the intense Biotic and Tech powers that will be available at your fingertips when the game launches March 6th. Check out the trailer below and read on for a break down.

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[youtube id=”h254YRtQoJU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Discernable Locations:

  • Tuchanka
  • Omega
  • Noveria
  • Earth-like planet
  • Warehouse
Taking orders from Commander Shepard


  • Human
  • Quarian
  • Drell
  • Turian
  • Asari
  • Salarian
  • Krogan
Galaxy at War

Classes and Powers:

All classes except the Biotic were shown. It also seems that there are different variants of each class (eg. Solder and Vanguard) that is either determined by player choice or race. Each class can use up to three powers.

  • Soldier 1 (adrenaline rush, concussive shot, frag grenade)
  • Soldier 2 (carnage, fortification, inferno grenade)
  • Engineer (incinerate, cryo blast, sentry turret)
  • Vanguard 1 (biotic charge, pull, cluster grenade)
  • Vanguard 2 (biotic charge, stasis, lift grenade)
  • Sentinal (warp, overload, techarmor)
  • Infiltrator (energy drain, tactical cloak, proximity mine)


  • Reaper Adjutants
  • Cerberus (including Atlas Mechs and Assassins)
  • Geth
Dead Space death scenes?


  • Players will receive orders directly from Commander Shepard himself
  • Customizable Armor
  • Melee Attacks (players can also be melee attacked by enemies)
  • Evasion Techniques (eg. roll, dive, biotic slide)
  • Ally Down (notice the death scenes à la Dead Space, though not as gruesome)
  • Hacking Computers
  • Galaxy Map with different war zones, including Reaper controlled areas
  • Cutscenes to be included?
Being shanked by a Cerberus Assassin

Potential Game Modes:

  • Drop-zone – Wave-based rounds
  • Location Compromised – Clear out all enemies
  • Target – Objective based gameplay

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