Dead Space 3 Removing Competitive Multiplayer, Adding Co-op

Details from the next issue of Gameinformer have been leaked  by a user over at NeoGaf.

The leaked information confirmed that Visceral Games would be dropping the competitive multiplayer that was introduced in Dead Space 2. As to the reason why, this has not been revealed yet. However, many have speculated that the aim is to focus more on the story and that the multiplayer of Dead Space 2 was more of a tacked on feature to the series anyways. Though the competitive mode has now been taken out of the game, it has also been confirmed that they will be introducing co-op to the series. No word on whether this is just local or online co-op.

Below are just some of the highlights of the Gameinformer details.

  • Co-op confirmed
  • No competitive multiplayer in DS3
  • Now has universal ammo pickups
  • Cover system added
  • Co-op will have different cut-scenes and interactions between Isaac and Carver.
  • Zero space gravity section and dark corridors will be present as they were in previous Dead Space titles.
  • Fodders & Feeders are a new type of necromorphs.
  • Visceral games calls these new necromorphs “The snow beast”.
  • Nexus Feeders is a 30 story tall centipede necromorph. This is “what happens when a human isn’t actually infected by a Swarm or by a Divider heads”
  • Icy Planet is called Tau Volantis,
  • Fodder transform into two different necromorphs depending on how you kill them
  • Ammo drops are more plentiful
  • They want DS3 to be less linear than 2&1;be able to explore large environments and find “unique beta missions” that aren’t required to complete the main game
  • You can slap different guns together like a Plasma cutter/Ripper combo,Visceral didn’t say “how exactly these weapon mods work” but GI noticed enemies drop Scrap metal and ‘tungsten’ now.

How do you guys feel about Visceral Games getting rid of the competitive multiplayer portion of the game? Was Dead Space 2 multiplayer lack luster? Leave a comment below or visit our forum post and be sure to keep an eye on our E3 coverage where we will surely find out more about Dead Space 3.


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