The Complete MW3 Proficiency and Equipment List – Proficiency Explained

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Alright, we’ve almost completed a list on every single thing in Modern Warfare 3 loadouts, hours of work for our loyal MP1st readers is a pleasure; we left links to the others at the bottom of the page. A new loadout slot, proficiency, has been added to Modern Warfare 3. Unlike perks, they don’t have pro versions. There are 9 options to choose from. In terms of equipment, Modern Warfare 3 has 6 lethal ones and 8 tactical



Kick (reduces gun recoil)
Impact (Bullets carry mode damage through materials)
2 Attachments (Pretty obvious)
Focus (reduce flinch when hit)
Breath (hold breath while aiming down sights)
Stability (Reduced weapon sway while aiming down the sights)

Lethal Equipment

Frag Grenade
Throwing Knife
Bovering Betty (Unlocks at level 37) (The proximity mine you saw in the last frame of the Spec-Ops trailer)
Claymore (Unlocks at level 53)
C4 (Level 69)

Tactical Equipment

Flash Bang
Concussion Grenade
EMP Grenade (Destroys enemy equipment and electronics)
Smoke Grenade
Trophy System (Anti-rocket device) (You can see it in action at the 3:14 mark MP reveal trailer)
Tactical Insert
Portable Radar

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