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Homemade Real Life Battlefield 3 C4 Detonator Accessory News 10

News 10 Getting a C4 kill is quite a satisfying feat in itself in the world of Battlefield. But apparently, its just not satisfying enough for one Battlefield 3 player in particular. On the PC, Redditor Thedr001 has cleverly retrofitted a few pieces of hardware together in order to muster up this real life C4 detonator (sort […]

5 Awesome C4 Battlefield 3 Videos 2 Watch by MP1st News 12

News 12 C4 is a wonderful tool in Battlefield 3. You can blow up tanks, walls and buildings, attach it to kamikaze jeeps or helicopters, or lay it next to a prone sniper as you flip the switch right in front of his face. Either way, there is a ton of fun to be had with this wonderful little […]

The Complete MW3 Proficiency and Equipment List – Proficiency Explained News 2

News 2 Alright, we’ve almost completed a list on every single thing in Modern Warfare 3 loadouts, hours of work for our loyal MP1st readers is a pleasure; we left links to the others at the bottom of the page. A new loadout slot, proficiency, has been added to Modern Warfare 3. Unlike perks, they don’t have pro […]