How to Farm Ergo Fast in Lies of P

Lies of P Farm Ergo Fast

Like in games such as Elden Ring, Lies of P allows players to traverse the various regions and farm puppets to earn Ergo. You’ll need significantly more Ergo to level up over time, each level bringing about new requirements. The best way to beat a challenging area or finally tackle a boss like Parade Master without fail is to farm Ergo fast in Lies of P and level up quickly. To do that, we’ve built this guide just for you!

How to Gain Ergo Fast in Lies of P

First and foremost, know that you require Ergo to purchase items and level up. It’s a dual-currency, which makes farming Ergo all the more important. Even worse is, like with souls, if you die, your Ergo drops on the ground and slowly deteriorates until it’s completely gone. You’ll want to race back, being careful not to perish along the way, to scoop up your dropped Ergo.

Here is how to farm Ergo fast in Lies of P:

Use the Stargazer

The best and most efficient way to earn Ergo quickly is by using the Stargazer to reset an area, then working through the streets and farming the puppets. For instance, the first area before you fight Parade Master is filled with low-level puppets that deal minimal damage. You can easily take on the entire horde without taking a single hit, and you’ll earn a level or two for every run through the area.

In Krat Central Station Plaza, two Stargazer locations are on opposite sides of the area. You’ll want to work between these to farm approximately 2000 Ergo per run.

Defeating Bosses

The second best way to earn Ergo fast is to defeat the various bosses and mini-bosses in the game. Sure, these pose more of a challenge than your usual mobs of puppets, but they also pay out far better.

Unfortunately, you can only defeat a boss once per playthrough. As such, you’ll want to use the Ergo earned wisely.

These are the two primary methods to earn a lot of Ergo quickly in Lies of P. It takes a lot of farming and careful pathing, but you’re well used to that type of gameplay coming from other Soulslike titles, right?

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