Resident Evil 4 Guide – Blue Medallions Locations (Quarry) – Chapter 3

Resident Evil 4 blue medallions quarry

In various locations throughout the Resident Evil 4 remake, players will encounter side missions requiring them to locate and destroy hidden blue medallions. While the game does mark them for you, their precise location isn’t always so obvious. If you need help, we’ve prepared this Resident Evil 4 blue medallions locations guide for the quarry. 

Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions Locations for the Quarry (Chapter 3):

Like the farm medallions, there are five blue medallions in Quarry, all marked on your map. While you can collect these in any order, to save time, we have listed their location in the order you’ll likely run into them. The first two are found on your way to the boat, while the other three are in the fish farms.  

Blue Medallion #1

Shortly after picking up the quest, you’ll enter the Quarry. There are three enemy dogs in this location that you should clear first. After, look up high, and you’ll see the blue medallion on some wooden scaffolding. 

Blue Medallion #2

The next blue medallion is located in the area with the boat. After using the binoculars, you’ll see a ladder you can take down to another platform. From here, staring down towards the level below, you’ll see the medallion underneath the wooden platform. 

Fish Farms

The next three medallions are located in the fish farms. You have to go here as this is where the fuel for the boat is. We highly recommend that you clear the area of all the enemies first. Once that’s done, come back to this guide. 

Blue Medallion #3

With the fish farms now clear of enemies, you can focus on finding the rest of the medallions. The first one is located in a small hut with a floatie hanging on the outside of it.

Blue Medallion #4

From the last medallion, continue until you reach the next wooden platform. There will be two tripwire traps, and on the opposite side is the next medallion. 

Blue Medallion #5

From the last medallion, turn around and continue following the path to the main objective.

You will pass the tripwire from the last medallion and drop back down into the water. From there, turn around, and you notice you can go underneath the platform you just jumped off. On the other side is a chest, and to the right of it is the last blue medallion. 

Congrats, you’ve destroyed all the blue medallions in the Quarry. Return to the Merchant and turn in the quest to be rewarded Spinels. 

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