20 Million Unique Players Log On To Call of Duty Every Month

Gamers are finding it exceedingly difficult to invest in multiple games throughout the year due to financial constraints. As a result of that, gamers are directing their spending power to a limited number of games, or rather franchises. This phenomenon has, of course, hindered innovation in the gaming industry in terms of new IP. When a gamer has a gaming budget of, for example, $150 a year, they will more likely stick with franchises that they’re fimilar with. It’s getting harder for gamers to pull the trigger on buying a unknown quantity.

To further cement this trend, you can look at the number of unique players Call of Duty amass each month. According to Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activison Publishing, in a recent GI.biz interview, the number of Call of Duty players across the franshise is 20 million unique ones. Keep in mind that he didn’t reveal how this astronomical number was computed. And, with Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon, this number will surely go nowhere but up.

What are your purchasing habits? Do you stick with one or more franchises every year? Or, do you venture out and try new IPs? We are interested to hear you feedback which will help us direct our limited resources to covering what you want to read, besides Call of Duty and Battlefield.

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