Tennocon 2020: New Warframe Concept Art Released

The first major Tennocon 2020 panel has just concluded and with it comes the release of some brand-new Warframe concept art. Here’s a small taste of what fans can expect to see later this year.

Down below you’ll find several Warframe concept art images that were showcased during the Tennocon 2020 event. Do note that some of these are still a work in progress, however, we now have the final designs for the new Warframes that are launching later this year. These include some for the Xaku, Alchemist Warframe, Protea (now available,) and Wraithe.

The art panel will be one of many panels today during Tennocon 2020 stream. We expect to see plenty of more, including our first look into the next expansion, Heart of Deimos. So be sure to check back as we continue to cover the event, or catch up on our official Tennocon 2020 hub page: Tennocon 2020

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