A Deeper Look Into Halo 4’s Forge Mode and Adrift Multiplayer Map Walkthrough

343 Developers Kynan Pearson and Lori Zawada detail some of the brand new features available in Halo 4’s Forge mode.

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In summary

  • Three Forge maps will be included in Halo 4’s release.
  • Each map has a specific palette of usable objects, including some unique and exclusive pieces.
  • Objects now color-code and highlight, letting you know that you are about to interact with it.
  • Objects can be quick-deleted.
  • Objects generate light maps and produce their own shadows. It was a big focus of the 343 team to push the visual fidelity of Forge maps to as close as possible to single player or multiplayer maps.
  • Objects can be duplicate for rapid building.
  • Magnets allows you to align pieces easier.
  • Familiar pieces return, although everything has been redone in Halo 4.
  • Ordinance System
    • Initial Drops determine what shows up at start of match.
    • Random Drops randomize what ordinance shows ups on each map.
    • Objective Drops determine the reward for completing an objective.
  • Gravity volumes allow you to change the gravitation traits of specific areas. This affects both players and vehicles and included both low and reverse gravity situations. These traits are also stackable and can be both visible and invisible.
  • Pieces can now be locked into place to help avoid accidental editing.
  • Players have the option to delete everything all at once or delete by palette. This can be used in combination with the lock feature as it will not delete object that have been locked.
  • Trait zones allow players to alter specific traits like damage values, shield values, player movement, headshot or assassination immunities, invisibility and much more in only a specific areas on a map. These zones will appear invisible.

Additionally, check out this video walkthrough of Halo 4’s multiplayer map Adrift by IGN.

[youtube id=”MYB-QbaRU1g” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Are you a big Halo Forge junkie? What do you think about some of the new features you’ll get to play with in Halo 4 this November 6th? Let us know in the comments below!

Contributions to article by Maxwell Deering.

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