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New Details on the Halo 4 Progression System, More ForgeWorld and ‘Complex’ Walkthrough News 9

News 9 343 Industries gives Halo 4 fans an in-depth look into the new progression system of Halo 4’s multiplayer. We also get a look at some more editing options in the recently revealed Forge Mode, and take a look at yet another walkthrough of a new Halo 4 multiplayer map, Complex. First, let’s take a peek […]

Halo 4’s Final Forge World Map Unvieled As Erosion News 19

News 19 343 Industries has finally unveiled the final Forge World map, Erosion. Taking place inside a dark and grungy cave , it joins the recently revealed Impact, a map uniquely set in space inside an asteroid field. The final ForgeWorld map, Ravine, hass been identified by many fans as having a layout similar to the original […]

A Deeper Look Into Halo 4’s Forge Mode and Adrift Multiplayer Map Walkthrough News 8

News 8 343 Developers Kynan Pearson and Lori Zawada detail some of the brand new features available in Halo 4’s Forge mode. Thanks, Gamespot. In summary Three Forge maps will be included in Halo 4’s release. Each map has a specific palette of usable objects, including some unique and exclusive pieces. Objects now color-code and highlight, letting you know […]