EA. Activision CEOs Part of the Top 100 Overpaid CEOs List

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Even while gaming companies continue to shutdown studios and lay off mobs of people, it seems the top brass are usually not affected, and are living the high life. If that wasn’t a slap in the face enough, the world’s two biggest video game publishers  — EA, and Activision — have their CEOs be part of the top 100 most overpaid CEO list!

This was compiled by non-profit advocacy group As You Sow (via Variety), which publishes an annual report on the 100 most overpaid CEOs.

In their list it ranks each most overpaid CEO, their pay, the excess of their pay, and the CEO:Worker pay ratio, and it’s not a pretty sight.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson is “only” at 98 with an annual pay of $35,728,674, which is an overpayment of $19,673,861. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is at 45 with an annual pay of $28,698,375, which is overpaid by $12,835,277. Astounding, right?

In comparison, the CEO:Worker pay ratio for Bobby Kotick is 306:1, while Wilson is “only” at 371:1. It seems it is indeed true that if Kotick slashed his pay a bit, Activision Blizzard wouldn’t have had to cut close to 800 jobs.

Will this change anytime soon? Let’s hope it will at some point since this is just gross to look at.

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