Activision CEO Weighs In On Xbox One, Microsoft Needs to “Convince People That the Higher Price Point is Worth It”

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Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg weighs in on the ongoing console war between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, saying that while Sony’s price point is more appealing, Microsoft needs to “convince people that [their] higher price point is worth it.”

Speaking to Gamed Industry, Hirsberg said, “If you do a focus group of a gazillion people and you show them two prices for two competitive products, 100% always prefer the lower price.”

“I think from a first impression standpoint the win goes to Sony, at least as it relates to pricing,” he added. “Microsoft is going to have to win the hearts and minds and convince people that the higher price point is worth it, and that it provides really meaningful capabilities that will be meaningful to consumers. And it’s a long game, so I am sure that’s what they intend on trying to do.”

“I feel they have to show why that’s a good thing and why it’s worth the premium and deserves inclusion and why it’s something that gamers are going to come to really value and appreciate.”

Earlier, we sat down with Microsoft’s Director of Marketing, Craig Flannagan, who spoke of the Xbox One’s more convincing features, namely the Cloud and the Kinect. In his words, “Every Xbox One’s going to come with a Kinect, every Xbox One is going to be connected to The Cloud. That gives you opportunity.”

“It’s going to be a fun battle to watch,” Hirsberg concluded. “But I think they definitely have to win hearts and minds in terms of the value of it.”

Do you agree with Hirshberg’s statements? In your thoughts, what does Microsoft need to do in order to pull ahead in the console race? Let us know in the comments!

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