AEW Console Game Will Include Campaign, Create-a-Wrestler, Aiming for 2021 Release

aew console game

In November last year, an AEW console game has been announced which is being developed by Yuke’s (Smackdown), and is being helmed by none other than former AKI developer Hideyuki Iwashita. AKI, in case you didn’t know, is the developer behind WWF Wrestlemania 2000, and WWF No Mercy — wrestling games that are widely considered the best of the lot when it comes to wrasslin’ games.

While there’s no new gameplay footage to be shown off, AEW (All Elite Wrestling) Executive Vice President Kenny Omega has hsed a few details regarding the upcoming title. First off, Omega confirmed that still-untitled AEW console game will feature a camaign, and a Create-a-Wrestler feature, as well as multiplayer. One thing fans can take off the table is a General Manager (GM) mode, which will instead be exclusive to the mobile title AEW Elite GM.

As for the available wrestlers, Omega can’t confirm that just yet stating, “I can say right now that we’re not sure of how many wrestlers will be available upon release, but one thing I can say is that the number of wrestlers in the AEW is growing all the time, and the roster of wrestlers in the game will reflect that.”

They are aiming for the wrestling game to be out sometime this year, though that’s not set in stone, as the studio does not want to rush development, so no promises on a release date has been made for now.

Omega knows that a lot of wrestling video game fans are looking forward to something like No Mercy or Virtua Pro Wrestling, though they are looking to modernize the controls and game mechanics. That said, don’t expect it to be a competitor to 2K’s WWE games, as Omega states the “plan is not to compete with WWE and that style of games,” and cites how the recent 2K-published WWE games have tried to look like wrestling matches on TV, and their plan is to not use motion capture (mo-cap) and instead rely on how AKI used to do it before.

As a huge AKI wrestling fan, I’m all for this. I’m definitely excited to see how this one shapes up and if it’s anywhere near as fun as WWF No Mercy, then wrestling fans are in for a treat.

Source: IGN Japan

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