Alan Wake 2 in “Final Stage of Full Production,” Control 2 and Max Payne 1&2 Remake in Proof-of-Concept Phase

alan wake 2

Upcoming survival horror sequel Alan Wake 2 is apparently in its “final stage of full production,” with “steady progress” as the game inches towards its eventual 2023 launch, according to a recent earnings report from developer Remedy Entertainment. This comes three months after the game was reported to be “playable from start to finish.”

Here’s what CEO Tero Virtala had to say about Alan Wake 2’s progress:

Alan Wake 2 is on its way to becoming a great game and has everyone excited at Remedy. We have started the last major phase of full production to get the game ready for launch later this year. The project is fully staffed, but we will be able to start scaling down the team size gradually as we progress towards the launch. These freed-up developers will contribute to our other game projects that are being driven towards the next stages of development.

Alongside the progress update for Alan Wake 2, the earnings report also revealed that the studio’s other titles in Control 2 and the Max Payne 1&2 remake have been moved to the proof-of-concept phase. While it’ll still be quite some time before both games are ready for launch, the company was able to hire more talent across its departments, which should help with the development of the aforementioned titles.

As Remedy Entertainment’s titles are currently in the works, the studio’s overall revenue has dropped by 45.4%, with operating profit for the quarter similarly down -€5.6m.

Alan Wake 2 is set to launch sometime in 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, as recently reaffirmed by the studio. The game is set to be Remedy Entertainment’s “biggest project yet.

Source: Remedy Entertainment Earnings Report

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