Alan Wake 2 Physical Edition: THQ Nordic Volunteers for Duties; Gameplay Debut Running on PS5 Confirmed

Alan Wake 2 physical edition

With Alan Wake 2 set to release on October 17 later this year, more details surrounding the game have been released, such as the fact that the sequel will be a digital-only release in order to maintain a $60 price point.

While digital-only releases can be a disappointment to some, it seems as though a physical edition release isn’t entirely out of the question, with THQ Nordic offering to release the game physically. The video game publisher publicly stated its interest on Twitter to work together with Remedy Entertainment on the project:

@alanwake @remedygames I mean… we did the disc version of Alan Wake for PC back in the day ICYMI 😉 And just because ONE person (or company) does not love physical, there is plenty who still do. Give it some thought. We’d love to go at it again! Full circle and all.

Alan Wake 2 was featured during the recent PlayStation Showcase, and according to Thomas Puha, Communications Director at Remedy Entertainment, the footage shown during the event came straight from the PS5. Puha confirmed this in a recent tweet:

The Alan Wake 2 trailer in the PlayStation Showcase was 100% running on PlayStation 5. I want to really point that out. We did say in 2021 that we are gonna push the graphics hard on this one. I think we’ll have the best looking game in 2023

Alan Wake 2 is set to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on October 17, and until something comes out of THQ Nordic’s proposition, you can expect it to be a digital-only release.

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