Alan Wake Remastered Update 1.04 Patch Notes; Shines Out This Jan. 4

Alan Wake Remastered Update 1.04

Remedy Entertainment has released the Alan Wake Remastered update 1.04 (PS5 version 1.000.004) patch this January 4, and this is for a host of gameplay improvements to the game, as well as fixes for glitches. Head on for the full patch notes below.

Alan Wake Remastered Update 1.04 Patch Notes | Alan Wake Remastered Update 1.000.004 Patch Notes | Alan Wake January 4 Update Patch Notes:

Note: Remedy has published the patch notes this December, but the version numbers do sync up, and as far as we’re aware, this is the correct patch notes connected to the game version for each platform listed below.

Patch notes – PS4: | PS5: | Xbox One: | Xbox Series X/S:


  • Improved title stability


  • Fixed the glitch where in Episode 2 players could not complete the „Reach the top of the mill” objective due to the lift clipping through the stairs


  • Fixed the audio lag that was present in some cinematics (Xbox One)
  • Fixed the rare issue where cinematics audio would play in mono


  • Added auto HDR support (Xbox Series X|S)
  • Mitigated screen tearing (Xbox One)
  • General visual performance fixes


  • Improved the resolution of the game icon (PC). It’s prettier now.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go read our Alan Wake Remastered review, to see why we’re very excited for the confirmed sequel.

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