Amazon Discounts Some PS5 Exclusives for Prime Day

Returnal Update 2.000
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If you’ve been holding on on purchasing some of those PS5 exclusives due to their new price point, well, we got some good news for you as Amazon has slashed some of prices of the console’s biggest hits!

In what we can only assume is due to Amazon Prime Day, the company has discounted a number of PS5 titles, some being exclusives while others also being available on the PS4. For those waiting to buy the highly acclaimed Demon’s Souls Remake (review here), now might be the time as the price has been reduced by $20. The same goes for the Returnal, along with a few other titles.

Down below you’ll find a list of PS5 games that are currently discounted on Amazon. Note that some of these are also available on the PS4 at a cheaper price. In this case, it is wiser to buy the PS4 version as it may offer a free upgrade to the PS5 version via digital download.

Amazon PS5 Games Discounts:

Disclaimer: We do not have any affiliate with Amazon, therefore we do not receive a portion of any bought copies from the links down below. 

Not a bad list of discounts, and all of them we highly suggest for any PlayStation owner. 

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