An Inside Look at the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty DLC, New Images

Danger Close¬†Art Director Chris Salazar gives Medal of Honor: Warfighter fans a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming multiplayer map pack, Zero Dark Thirty, due out this December, inspired by a “decade-long manhunt in some of the world’s most dangerous places: Darra Gun Market and Chitral Compound.”

[youtube id=”dP40XGK_eeQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Zero Dark Thirty will be made available for free to those who received the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor: Warfighter while others can purchase the pack for $9.99 USD.

Make sure to check out a video flythrough of Darra Gun Market and Chitral Compound right here!

We leave you with these Zero Dark Thirty DLC images below.

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