Anthem Boycott for a Week Being Pushed by Community Due to Loot Drop Concerns

anthem loot changes

When Anthem launched, BioWare rolled out a loot drop nerf that didn’t go exactly well with the community. While this chatter has died out somewhat, it’s on the table once again after the most recent patch released by the studio.

Unfortunately for BioWare, it seems the existing player base means it this time, as an Anthem boycott (or blackout) is being asked by the community as a protest for the low loot drops.

Protest to revert Loot drop changes. Bring back the Bug and let us taste the Lootshower. Stop Playing From 03/11/2019-03/15/2019 or 11/03/2019-15/03/2019 for us Europeans. to make a Point. Show them what we think by sheer player numbers alone! from AnthemTheGame

At the time of this writing, the post regarding the Anthem boycott is already at over 10,000 upvotes. In case you can’t see the Reddit submission, players are being asked to band together and stop playing from March 11 to March 15 as a sign of protest for the loot drop nerfs slapped by BioWare.

Given how another loot shooter is being released this week, I suspect Anthem players won’t have any shortage of games to play. And I wouldn’t be surprised if BioWare caves in, either, since this is a very large portion of their community that is clearly upset at what the studio has done in terms of loot drops and the like.

If you’re a current Anthem player, will you partake in this Anthem boycott? Do you think gamers are overreacting or the loot drops really are that bad?

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