Anthem Loot Drop Nerf Acknowledged by BioWare, Community Wants It Reverted Back

anthem loot changes

If you’ve been playing Anthem since launch, and noticed that loot drops were of considerable less quality after the patch, you’re not suddenly imagining things. It seems BioWare’s last patch had the side effect of increasing “certain drop chances,” and it has since been rectified.

This was confirmed by BioWare Lead Producer Ben Irving, who posted the following message:

Comment from discussion Loot Droprate Nerf.

Hey – update on what happened here.

In our Friday changes, one of the edits we made had the side effect of increasing certain drop chances. This was not intended. Once we identified the problem we changed it back to how it was before. That was about 11 hours later.

Took a little time for that message to make it around internally and to make sure we understood what happened and how to avoid it going forward.

It’s never our intent to make changes without being transparent, so we wanted to come in here to respond and clarify.


Note: we did intentionally change the drop rates of rare items in certain chests, per the patch notes we posted

Who doesn’t want some high tier loot for their grinding, right? With this Anthem loot drop nerf, the community did not appreciate it, and are clamoring for BioWare to dial it back up again. The front page is littered with threads about it, with some of the most upvoted ones below.

I’ve put 87 hours into this game in the past week, playing after the loot nerf is the first time I noticed a lack of enjoyment from AnthemTheGame

Nothing will kill this game faster than scarce loot drops from AnthemTheGame

Post patch loot. Whether it was a bug or not, is no longer enjoyable from AnthemTheGame

A lesson I think Anthem/Bioware could learn from Diablo III when it comes to loot: "Be Generous" from AnthemTheGame

Will BioWare acquiesce due to community demand? We can’t say for sure, since this does affect the endgame, and how the gameplay loop ropes in players. But then again, the points raised by the community are valid, too, and of course, making the player base happy is important to live services games like Anthem.

Should BioWare revert it or did players just get used to the better loot drop rates, and are just being salty?

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4 years ago

No news article yet on the amazing failure Anthem is after an abysmal weekend of sales? Fair enough. Fingers cross EA let Bioware go back to making stunning single player only games like Mass Effect 1 and 2 and none of this online only/1st crap eh? Of course you don’t agree. Now don’t approve the comment like a butt hurt shill. Good dog.

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