Anthem Update Version 1.03 Is out, and Here Are the Fixes Included

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Just yesterday, we mentioned that BioWare had a few things to fix for Anthem that required a patch. Well, that patch is now out, and can be downloaded and installed!

Anthem update version 1.03 is out, and it fixes the HDR issue on consoles, crashes and more. Check out the patch notes below.

  • The final boss in the “Return to the Heart of Rage” stronghold and crit path mission will now properly appear if a squad of freelancers wipe before reaching it.
  • HDR on consoles can now be properly turned on.
  • Fixed a number of issues that were causing players to crash.

In addition to the fixes listed above, there’s still the health bug problem that’s still present now. Want to know the list of changes made by the studio via a server-side hotfix? Here you go.

If you’re curious as to what to expect from Anthem now that it’s out, EA has released the roadmap for the game which shows us what’s coming down the line in the next three months.

Source: Reddit

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