Anthem Health Bug Is Presently Annoying Players, EA Aware of the Issue

anthem health bug

While we just reported on the Anthem HDR issue yesterday, it seems there’s another bug that’s more severe plaguing the game now, and it has something to do with actual gameplay. There’s an Anthem health bug issue present now, and it’s making the game very hard to play especially at harder than usual difficulty settings.

Reddit user FishermanYellow posted an image of how using the exact same components and gear on his Colossus, the health bar is drastically different, which shouldn’t be the case.

Health bug – Both health bars are with the exact same components/level/gear on my Colossus – Confirmed not just a visual bug- Any news on a fix? from AnthemTheGame

Another user by the name of A_Retarded_Alien has posted that his health bar constantly fluctuates between 2-4 bars when it should constantly be at 10 bars.

Bioware, can you PLEASE address the health bug. The game is unplayable in GM1 and above for Ranger, Storm and Interceptor. from AnthemTheGame

Over on EA’s Answers page, Community Manager EA_Alexander has posted a message acknowledging the issue, though also says that there’s no “details” at this time.

anthem health bar

Hey folks,

We’re aware of the issue, unfortunately no details at this point.

Again, we appreciate all the reports. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a response from us right away, our teams are constantly monitoring bug report boards.

Let’s hope this gets sorted out soon. For the rest of the issues that are already fixed by BioWare, check out this list.

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  1. Called this dumpster fire what it was at announcement. If you’re mad about a glitch? Guess what idiot bought it. 150% your fault. You did 0 due diligence.

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