Anthem Day One Update Breaks HDR on PS4 and Xbox One (Update)



Xbox One users are also affected by this bug, and it’s not just for PS4!

(Thanks, Justen Holstein)

Original Story:

With Anthem set to launch official tomorrow (or later today, depending where you are), BioWare has released a massive day-one patch that’s live now.

Unfortunately, this new Anthem patch seems to have broken something as well, and that’s HDR — at least on PS4. This was found by reddit user Naedtrax, who mentioned that this wasn’t the case in the demo.

Anthem 1.02 patch breaks HDR from PS4

HDR won’t trigger at all after applying the new patch, and given there is no HDR toggle at all you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Tested the demo client and HDR pops right away.

I booted Anthem on PS4 just now, and can confirm that HDR doesn’t work. Hopefully, BioWare can roll out another patch or maybe get a server-side hotfix out ASAP so this gets fixed fast.

For those not familiar with HDR, it’s High Dynamic Range (you can read up about it here), and is only available for PS4 Pro (Xbox One X) users, and your TV/monitor should support this feature. If you don’t own a PS4 Pro, or don’t have a TV that supports HDR, then this won’t affect you at all.

If you’re playing Anthem on Xbox One or PC, let us know in the comments if this Anthem HDR bug is the same case with the game on those platforms.

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8 thoughts on “Anthem Day One Update Breaks HDR on PS4 and Xbox One (Update)

        1. HDR works on all ps4 systems pro regular and slim. Looks like they disabled it for now with the patch. I hope it comes back soon looks nice with a regular ps4 and a 4k tv

  1. Thanks for trying to hype up this failure of a game every single day for the last 2 years. Now, please don’t approve this comment you shill. Good boy.

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