Anthem Cataclysm Map Revealed (Potential Spoilers)

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With Anthem’s Cataclysm event now being tested on the PTS (Private Test Server), we now have an idea on the new content and areas freelancers will be able to navigate in once the event is finally rolled out by BioWare. Below, there are two Anthem Cataclysm map images, and if you’re the type of person who wants to discover things on their own, you might want to check out now, or at the very least, don’t check the second image.

Note that this is from the PTS build, and is NOT considered final unless otherwise mentioned by BioWare/EA.

anthem cataclysm map

There’s some sort of irony here with that one area being called “Hope Shattered,” no? If you want a more detailed look at the Anthem Cataclysm map, check it out below and it’s definitely way more spoiler-ish given it marks certain areas. The map below is accurate as of July 3, 2019.

anthem cataclysm map

Let’s hope that BioWare has a lot more stuff lined up since I see long-time Anthem players blowing through whatever new stuff that’s shown in this map in less than a week or two.

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