Anthem Cataclysm Update – Cataclysm Now Over but BioWare Leaves Some “Elements” In Until the Next Content Update

anthem cataclysm update

In case you didn’t know, the Anthem Cataclysm event has already ended last week…or did it? Freelancers flying through the game might have noticed some Cataclysm stuff still in the game, and that’s intentional according to BioWare’s latest Anthem Cataclysm update post (dubbed Community Cortext).

Many of you may have noticed that the Cataclysm content is… well… not totally gone. Technically, the Cataclysm event has officially ended, as planned. However, the team decided to leave some of the elements for you to play until the next content release. With that in mind, here’s what we’ve decided to leave open until the next seasonal update:

  • The Echoes of Reality portion of the Cataclysm will remain open for you to enjoy
  • You will still retain and earn Crystals in the EoR runs

Aside from that, the studio will bring back the Seasonal Store later this week so players can spend whatever remaining Crystals they have. Note, that it has been confirmed that Crystals leftover will NOT carryover to the next event BioWare has planned.

  • We’ll bring back the Seasonal Store later this week, so you can spend the remaining Crystals you have, while you continue to earn them in the content still in the live game.
  • Second (and this one is important), your Crystals will not carry over to the next Seasonal Event.
  • Finally, Daily Cataclysm Challenges, Story Missions, and Freeplay Events will not remain. Leaderboards will be visible for now, but will not be updated and remain blank until the next event.

BioWare says that they are not ready to give a date on the next content update just yet, though we’re hoping it’ll be real soon. Then again, with the studio axing the Acts roadmap, players, should expect more frequent events as a replacement.

Source: Reddit

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