Anthem Future Plans Announced, Post-Launch “Acts” Cancelled in Favor of Seasonal Updates and Gameplay Re-Working

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By now, it’s no secret that Anthem hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations. While that might be the case, BioWare has slowly been building confidence in the game back up starting with its Cataclysm event, which ends today. Today, the studio announced some of its Anthem future plans, and it seems the previously announced roadmap has been cancelled.

Over on the BioWare blog, Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service, announced the Anthem future plans.

So what’s next for Anthem?

We hear your concerns on core issues in Anthem and are acting on it. Those systems require a more thorough review and re-working versus quick fixes. We’ve got a team working on that now, and early results are promising.

In order to address these long-range plans, we are moving away from the Acts structure for updates. Instead, we have additional seasonal updates planned for this year that we think players will enjoy. These events will deliver challenges and chases similar to what you’ve seen, and are built around some fun themes we’re bringing to the game.

Will this go over as well as the Cataclysm event? Let’s hope so. Hopefully, BioWare can announce what’s next for the game soon, before it loses some of the momentum it has built with the Cataclysm event.

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