Anthem Demo Will Have Players Start at Level 10

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With Anthem being developed as an action-RPG, and the game relying heavily on a character’s skills and abilities in order to show off how the game could be fun, some might be wondering how this would translate to the game’s upcoming demo, given it wouldn’t be that much fun if the Anthem demo character level would be at level 1 — meaning, no souped up abilities or skills.

Well, have no fear! BioWare has confirmed that in the Anthem demo, players will start at level 10 right away! This was revealed by Anthem Lead Producer Michael Gamble over on Twitter, where he also reassured a fan that the upcoming demo is an actual demo, and not a beta.

That’s welcome news to hear, right? We still don’t know what the demo level cap will be, but regardless of what it is, players should be leveled enough to experience some of the character’s best skills and abilities just from the demo.

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