Anthem Interceptor and New Stronghold Gameplay – Watch 40 Minutes of Footage

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In case you didn’t know, BioWare held its last Anthem livestream yesterday where the developer showed off the Interceptor class, and even a brand new Stronghold mission. If you weren’t able to catch it, you can watch the entire 40-minute session now!

Check out the Anthem Interceptor and new Stronghold mission below.

Game Director Jonathan Warner joins Lead Producers Mike Gamble and Ben Irving to delve into Anthem’s Strongholds and see more of the Interceptor javelin in action.

With how mobile and melee-friendly the Interceptor is, it might be the “ninja” class that a lot of players gravitate to in terms of sheer style.

In other Anthem news, BioWare thinks that competitive PvE would be a “good fit” for Anthem. We also listed down the known elemental damage types the game has.